Professional Training

DPMI -Design, Partnering, Management & Innovation

DPMI is a professional certificate training for current and aspiring international development and social change practitioners. Through a 3-week training, participants develop skills in program design and evaluation, strategic partnering, and facilitation. Part of my deliverables can be found on my DPMI website, but for a brief overview of everything, click here.

Conservation Leadership Practicum

The Conservation Leadership Practicum (CLP) is an innovative certificate course focused on delivering the necessary skills for current and future environmental leaders. The program is divided into ten key skill areas taught by MIIS professors and leading local and global conservation practitioners.

IOIA – International Organic Inspectors Association

IOIA is a rigorous inspector training program that is dedicated to promoting integrity and consistency in the organic certification process. The Processing Inspection Training is a week-long course that includes in depth coverage of the certification process, organic standards, inspection protocols, audit trail requirements, input materials, report writing, ethics and risk assessment, and includes a facility visit.