DPMI, a program of the Middlebury Institute of International Studies, is a professional certificate program that combines guided individual readings (completed prior to the commencement of class meetings), three weeks of intensive classroom instruction, and a personal reflection paper submitted three months after the conclusion of classroom work. The intensive DPMI training, organized as three separate modules, lasts three weeks: Managing Development Projects, Social Entrepreneurship and Strategic Partnering, and Facilitating Participatory Development.

A highly regarded current practitioner with extensive international development experience teaches each module. The modules are closely linked to the UN Millennium Development Goals. Participants receive a stand-alone Certificate of Completion from the Development Project Management Institute upon fulfillment of program requirements.

  • Module #1: Designing and Managing Development Projects – taught by Beryl Levinger
  • Module #2: Social Entrepreneurship and Strategic Partnering – taught by Evan Bloom
  • Module #3: Facilitating Participatory Development – taught by Seth Pollack 

Team Nepal

Each team chose a different country, and different problem area. My team focused on maternal health issues in Nepal.

Needs Assessment Funnel Tool

This was the tool developed by our group on Day 2 of Week 1 as a way of assessing the needs and perceived needs of the various stakeholders as related to a particular organization. Once the needs have been assessed in Part 1, the top needs are then rated on customizable criteria in order to determine which need is most feasible within the current framework of the organization.

NeedsAssessmentFunnelTool NeedsAssessmentFunnelTool copy









Problem Tree

This was the problem tree developed by our team to understand the underlying contributions to low levels of maternal health. Our team decided to focus on the “limited access and low rate of use of maternal health care” branch on the left side of the tree.



Results Framework


Summary Project Design

Summary Project Design 1 Summary Project Design 2 Summary Project Design 3







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Performance Indicator